tiistai 27. helmikuuta 2018

Abandoned tracks, track inspection and... SHUNTING IN MIKKELI??!!

Mikkeli's freight traffic is dead. In "good old days" Mikkeli had several industrial tracks.

Tuppurala's track
Last trains were to plywood mill in 1986. Demolished in 1990s. I've made video about it, and in my finnish website is photos.

Pursiala's track
To power plant was still traffic sometimes in 1990s. Switch removed in 2004. I will make video about it soon. Photos in here.

Tusku's track
Traffic ended and  track closed in 2001. Demolished. Something might be coming soon.

Imbregation's track
Track was closed in 2000s. Sidetracks demolished.

Mill's track
Closed maybe 1960s. Demolished.

Hankkija's track
Still in use in 1980s. demolished.
Gate in demolished industrial track.
 Track inspection
Track inspection train visited in Mikkeli again. In next year new track inspection train will came, and this will be abandoned.

And then... Shunting in Mikkeli?!
As I said freight train traffic in Mikkeli is dead since 2012, but in Mikkeli is now russian wagons standing and waiting for moving to Pori. One train leaved today and other will leave in thursday. I have filmed today's train and video will come to Youtube tomorrow in 12.00 (UTC+2, finnish time. In UTC-time it's 10.00)


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