Kouvola - Pieksämäki

Kouvola - Pieksämäki-route.

Kouvola and Pieksämäki are important junction stations in southeastern Finland., and Kouvola - Pieksämäki route is southest part of Savonia's mainline (Kouvola - Oulu).
In this route track is like it was in summer 2001.

Version 0.2.2 (may 2018)

Track build started eraly 2016 (0.0.1)
Version 0.1 was ready in 2017.
Version 0.2 was ready in late 2017.

Operating points:
In Otava's station stops only commuter trains. Otava has few sidetracks and one loading track. From Otava's harbour branchs harbour rail, wich is used by Otava's sawmill few times week.

Vuolinko have not any passenger services. It was small station in edge of Mikkeli's city area and is located close Mikkeli's airport. From Vuolinko branch's off industrial track to Tusku industrial area, used unregulary.

Mikkeli is busy station used by commuter- and long-distance trains. In Mikkeli is four timber loading track and there is leaving one or two timber trains every day. In Mikkeli is depot and roundhouse too. Mikkeli's harbour rail is not using any more and track to terminal is quiet too. From Mikkeli's depot branch's off Pursiala's industrial track to sawmill, powerplant and other places.

Palosuo haven't any railway users and it haves only one sidetrack for meetings.

Hiirola has two sidetracks, one for meetings and one for loading. There is not any regular loading or passenger traffic.

Depencies are available in these links.

mikanhuone.com - Buildings and oher.
Linjavaihde.net - Finnish trains simulation forum.
Busstop (download link)
Army aircrafts (download link)
Police cars (download link)
Limits (download link)
Train simulator Finland
Catenary (download link)
Bogey (download link)
TSM Team


Route is not available yet. I will maybe in version 0.5 (Alfa) give route to testing to few people. Some of depencies wich i have will be shared in same time as route.

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